The company "Confectionery Factory"Eastern Sweets "

The company "Confectionery Factory" Eastern Sweets "was founded in 2008 and for many years has been producing and selling halva, cookies, wafers and wafer sweets, cakes and cookies both in Ukraine and in Europe and the CIS.
Mobility and constant innovation in production, always high-quality products, strengthening positions in the domestic and
foreign markets are the main goals of our company.
The secret of our success and popularity among consumers is very simple - the consistently high quality of the products that we manufacture, the popularity and loyalty of our customers and consumers! The company has two powerful production facilities:
- in the western region (Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region) with the production of: cookies, pastries, cakes
-in the central region (Kropyvnytskyi) with the manufacture of: halva, wafer products, fillers, syrups and glaze.

We are confident that our sweets make people happy.

Quality guarantee

At the production complexes "Confectionery factory "Eastern Sweets" there are certified technological laboratories that control the quality of confectionery products from input raw materials to shipment of products to the client.

Our products comply with the modern European level of quality due to the most efficient use of equipment and the functioning of the HACCP food safety and quality management system. We are confident that we offer the consumer only quality products.


Almost all of the company's products have a unique nutritional value. Halva retains "living" components - phospholipids, which prevent the aging of the body. The benefit of halva is also that it contains many different vitamins, micronutricients, polyunsaturated fatty acids that act on the human body.

  • –†alm oil

  • Natural

  • Trans
    fats free

  • Non-GMO

Wafer products that are produced at the enterprise do not contain trans fats and palm oil and are the hallmark of our enterprise. Cookies, cakes and pastries are made according to traditional recipes, taking into account the taste trends of modern confectionery art.

We are confident that we offer the consumer only the best products!

Sales representatives


The company's products are presented in the export markets, both with its own brands and under private brands (Privat Label). In countries such as Romania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, USA, Belarus, Lithuania, Serbia, Azerbaijan.

In the nearest future the company plans to win the hearts of consumers in other countries of Europe and the Middle East.