The East is a delicate matter, and oriental sweets are tasty, nutritious and healthy. One of the popular and beloved delicacies that came from the east is halva. This sweetness is made like this: thick caramelized sugar syrup is whipped into a foam and crushed – powdered sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or peanuts are added. Vanillin, raisins, cocoa powder, candied fruits, almond kernels, peanuts and hazelnuts are used as additives. This is how many types of halva are obtained, each of which has an original taste and many useful substances. This delicacy is created for followers of a healthy lifestyle. Halva from sunflower seeds is rich in vitamins B1 and F1, contains magnesium and a number of active elements. The bulk of halva contains polyunsaturated fatty acids of plant origin: linoleic, linolenic and oleic, protein – valuable and necessary amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.


Wafer candies are available in regular size and oversized. Do you remember Gulliver? These are classic wafer sweets – delicious, multilayered and crunchy wafers in chocolate glaze. They are light, everyone loves them – both adults and children.
Classic wafer candy consists of layers of praline between crunchy layers of delicate waffle sheet. And all this is covered with glaze. The crunch of the wafer leaf, the taste and aroma of the praline mass are what their fans expect from wafer sweets.


Wafers – crispy, light – everyone loves them. Multilayer delicacies that are created on the basis of a thin wafer sheet and delicate fillings for various tastes. Wafers have long been recognized as one of the most popular delicacies for both adults and children all over the world. Although wafers are common in many countries of the world, Europeans were the first to invent them. There are many types of wafers today. They differ in appearance, taste and preparation methods.


It is difficult to find such different confectionery products in the world of desserts. What have butter, puff, choux, biscuit and shortbread cookies in common? The cookie doesn’t even have to be sweet. Many of its varieties taste salty. This delicacy can be of the most unique shape and have a variety of fillings, can be glazed and additionally decorated with something delicious.


Cake it is a culinary magic that always surprises and amazes with its perfection. Cake is wonderful moment of communication between relatives and friends. Each cake is something of his own, secret, intimate, but always good. Classic cakes are cakes made from thin shortbread, fluffy biscuit, crispy waffle or airy puff pastry, for which cream, butter, condensed milk, jam, chocolate or ganache are used.

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